Our Perkins’ Promise is to empower students to pursue their dreams and achieve success.



We believe students come first.  Therefore,

  • We will make decisions based on what is best for all children.
  • We will ensure equitable access to learning by opening pathways and removing barriers.
  • We will create a sense of urgency to respond when students are not learning and then monitor growth.
  • We will redefine education by integrating technology so students lead and self-organize learning.


We believe developing strong partnerships is based on trust and honest communication. Therefore,

  • We will honor other’s perspectives, experiences and values.
  • We will engage the community, families and staff in district goal setting.
  • We will nurture stakeholders to share in our school culture and we will give back to the community.
  • We will evaluate data to demonstrate transparency in our practice and continuously improve.


We believe students need to be challenged with high expectations as life-long learners.  Therefore, 

  • We will engage students in challenging curriculum and practices in order to develop determined learners.
  • We will set high standards so all students excel at communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • We will provide multiple means of representation, action, expression and engagement (UDL principles).
  • We will empower our students to take responsibility and pride in their education.