Superintendent's Update

Superintendent's Newsletter | 4/13/2018 |


Safety Hotline available to Perkins students, staff and community

At the top left-hand corner of the district and building homepages of our website, we have linked a form for students, parents and community members to report bullying, domestic violence, drug/substance abuse, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, academic cheating, or any other concerns.  Information will be sent directly to the appropriate administrator. 

Reports may be submitted anonymously, but you must report details of your concern, including names if known, in order for the proper personnel to follow up on your tip. We are unable to help individuals if we are not aware of the identity of the person who is experiencing these concerns. Whether you choose to submit information anonymously, or with your contact information, your identity will remain confidential.

The picture below is shown on each homepage with the safety hotline information and will link you to the form. Click on the picture to see the form!


Fine Arts teachers podcast

Music teacher Lori Conkey, and art teacher Shari Mau-St. Clair, inspire and encourage our Furry Elementary School students. They shared lessons that shaped them as teachers, talked about how they help students understand what inspires artists to create, and also strive to teach them to be flexible and risk-takers in fine arts and life.

Click here for the podcast!

Learning space redesign enters pilot testing stage

Our project to redesign learning spaces, initiated in January with David Jakes Designs LLC, has entered the pilot testing stage. Mr. Jakes facilitated professional development meetings with teachers to design classroom setups in order to determine how space impacts student achievement.

Redesign is focusing on classrooms at Perkins High and Briar Middle Schools, components of the libraries at Furry Elementary and Meadowlawn Intermediate Schools. Some prototype classrooms were furnished during spring break, and final deliveries and set up should be complete this week for the remainder.


While traditional classrooms may limit collaboration time due to the need to reconfigure room space prior to beginning each critical thinking group session, new design will facilitate and enable the process to begin immediately. Teachers will analyze this process, performing pre and post assessments during a six-week period to test the impact on student achievement. This data will aid us in evaluating new spatial design and its effect on this creative instructional approach.


Ultimately, the district seeks to shift student and staff experience to promote active teaching and learning and a more progressive educational mindset for the benefit of our students. Personalizing education and encouraging students to pace their instruction will enable them to take ownership of their progress.

Immunization Clinic to be held April 19 in PHS Room 301


Bike Rodeo coming to Furry School with safety activities planned


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Jodie Hausmann