Superintendent's Update - Friday, February 17th 2017

Superintendent's Update



After the last levy failure, we are in a financial position where some immediate reductions are necessary. Even with passage of a levy in 2017, the failure last November means we lost out on a year’s worth of revenue.


At Perkins Local Schools, we seek and hire high quality people. Losing even one of these talented people is a great loss to our students, staff and families, but the community has not passed a new operating levy in 17 years, and state funding has been cut by millions of dollars. We can only do so much with limited funding. The May levy will be our 12th attempt in 17 years to acquire new money to secure our schools’ future. None of us relish making cuts, but this is the reality we face.


We are at a point where our path is becoming less about what we want to provide for our students and families – and becoming what we must do to maintain educational quality to keep our doors open.


Perkins Local School District was required to submit two plans due to being placed in Fiscal Caution by The Ohio Department of Education.  Plan A (November 2017) was to secure new monies via a levy passage, or Plan B (2017-18 school year) is a necessary reduction plan. Though we cannot avoid the reductions we are required to complete for next year, it is the next levy vote we have to worry more about right now.  Plan B must occur, but we can avoid Plan C (fiscal emergency options).


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I believe the Perkins community is facing its finest hour.  It is not when times are easy that a community’s identity is defined, but when one faces challenges.


Some people ask, "What does it mean, 'WE ARE PERKINS'?" 

I believe it means the following:

  • Our children are safe and loved in Perkins.


  • Our long-time supporters attend games and cheer on our athletes every Friday night.


  • Our folks come together and share a meal at Manny’s after a long work-week.


  • Our police and fire officers are dedicated to us because their loved ones are part of our schools.


  • Our trustees attend every event because they believe in our learning community.


  • Our grandparents pay school fees so their grandchildren can have every opportunity.


  • Our teachers work nights, weekends, and summer days to ensure every lesson helps our children achieve success.


  • All of our employees, no matter what their job title is, ensure our students are well cared for during the school day.


  • Our administrators model leadership, perseverance and dedication to their students, families and staff.


  • Our parents support their children and those of others because it is a compassionate community.


Let us redefine our future: It’s time to heal and move forward.  We must keep our quality schools, maintain our property values, develop future economic opportunities, and accept the responsibility of caring for our children’s future because “We are Perkins.”

Until Next week,

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