Superintendent's Update - Friday, March 31st 2017

Superintendent's Update


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By Ruth Lindsley Strohl ’69 --  Perkins Alumni and Friends Association


The first senior class at Perkins High School graduated with 76 members on June 7, 1961.  Perkins did not offer kindergarten when these class members were five years old, so many paid tuition to attend kindergarten in other schools.   They returned to Perkins for grades 1-6 and were members of the first class to stay at Perkins for 7th and 8th grade when more classrooms were added in 1950.  After the bond issue passed in 1956 that provided funding for a high school addition, it was certain that Perkins would have their first graduating class in 1961.  Being the first class to complete all twelve grades at Perkins, this group had the unique responsibility of establishing the school identity and traditions which exist yet today.  The Class of 1961 composed the Alma Mater and Fight Song, selected “Pirates” as the school nickname, and black and white as the school colors.  They started the school newspaper, The Log, and the Quadrant, the school yearbook.  There were no upperclassmen for the Class of 1961 to help guide and shape their high school experiences.  Instead, they became close to their teachers who taught them during the day and served as their coaches and advisors after school.  Officers for the Class of 1961 were Barbara Ebert, president; Mark Dray, vice-president; Ginger Kautz, secretary and Ann Schlessman, treasurer. Three class members were inducted into the Perkins Hall of Fame:  Ann Schlessman Voight in 2001, Peg Lindsley Kingsley in 2007 and Mark Drayin 2013.    Many of these 1961 class members have seen their children and grandchildren also graduate from Perkins High School. 


This year, Perkins will graduate its 56th senior class.  Much is different for these students compared to those first seniors in 1961.  With the passage of Title IX, more sports were added to include girls, and a broader athletic department expanded opportunities for all students. Significant physical changes to the high school building were completed in 1979 to accommodate a growing student body.  Advances in technology necessitated changes in curriculum to include more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) courses. 


Upon their graduation, members of the Class of 2017 join thousands of other Perkins graduates known as our ALUMNI.  The Perkins Alumni and Friends Association invites all graduates to become members of the organization.  A quarterly newsletter, The Venerable Buccaneer, keeps our PHS graduates connected across the miles and years that separate us.  The publication includes news and information about and for our alumni, pictures and school history.


For more information about the Perkins Alumni and Friends Association or to obtain a membership form, visit our website at, or email the organization at



Mrs. Strohl mentioned that much is different for our current graduates and students. In addition to the changes she detailed, courses we now offer include blended learning, Advanced Placement, Honors and College Credit Plus. We are also in the final stages of implementing a Design Lab. The Preparing Ohioans for Success Roundtable we are hosting Tuesday will discuss workforce development and how to ensure our students are ready for the 21st Century workplace. Perkins Local Schools continues to develop and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and community.


As we look to maintain our educational programs to best serve our students, please see the information below regarding early voting times for the May 2. Keep Quality Education at Perkins!



Upcoming Dates

April 6-8, 2017 -- Music Department presents “Jekyll & Hyde The Musical” –7:30 pm plus a matinee on April 8 at 2:30 pm – auditorium

April 8, 2017 -- Perkins United/Perkins Township Spring Festival with Easter Egg Hunt (preK-4) and Field Day (grades 5-8) -- 1-3 pm -- More details soon!

April 14-21, 2017 -- Spring Break


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