Superintendent's Update - Friday, September 8th 2017


Our opening day convocation featured updates on teaching and learning presented by staff to peers. These valuable briefs help us to see parts of the many moving pieces that formulate our approach to a well-rounded education at Perkins Local Schools as we strive daily to assess what can be done to improve the readiness of our students for life beyond K-12


Early Literacy is a fundamental building block for young students. In year two of the five year grant for Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), all K-3 teachers will receive professional development through online learning units during release time.  Teachers will implement and monitor Phonological Awareness instruction; beginning decoding and spelling; advanced word study, vocabulary and oral language and text comprehension. Research informs us that teaching reading is like “rocket science” and we are dedicated to “cracking the reading code” for every child.


Our fourth grade team’s student centered approach as facilitators allowing learning to organically happen produced exceeded amounts of growth for all students last year. SOLE, Student Organized Learning Environments, creates opportunity for spontaneous learning. The rationale for this approach is to prepare students for the future workplace and its changing landscape. This approach inspires students to ask big questions that leads their personalized learning journey toward finding answers.


Another student-led approach utilized by our district is Problem-Based Learning. This method encourages students to solve problems, work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively. At Briar, each grade level has activities in the areas of business, agriculture, arts/tourism and STEM to enhance perseverance in solving problems, working with others toward a common goal, time management, and application of new technology.


We are implementing a K-8 Career Connections approach to focus on developing transferable skills, which include adhering to deadlines, motivating a team, persuading, and decision-making, resulting in a strong regional workforce. These skills allow individuals to function effectively in diverse work environments and numerous occupations. In addition, career guidance and career exploration will be a collaborative effort among counselors, teachers, parents and community leaders to develop a strong workforce.


A collaboration already in place permits our hands-on learning opportunities to begin at Furry, where we utilize the on-site Land Lab. Many thanks to PTO, Corso’s, Shortridge Construction and numerous volunteers who donated time and resources to ready the lab for students at our recent fall cleanup. This cooperative community effort is a tremendous benefit for our youngest students.



Together, these efforts will produce students who will be strong contributors with marketable skills necessary to function highly in a variety of vocational settings.





Upcoming Dates

September 15, 2017 – Homecoming Parade/Game


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