Superintendent's Update - Friday, October 27th 2017

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Issue 21 -- Perkins PI Levy Renewal -- NO NEW TAXES

Last week we focused on improvements, refurbishment and abatement inside Perkins High School. Aside from the roofing and asphalt outside the building, we worked to clean up courtyard areas and replaced doors.

Improvements to the Gazebo Courtyard at PHS:

  • Tree Company trimmed all 10 trees in the courtyard along with a couple around the school and removed two trees.
  • Landscape improvements to the memorial garden, gazebo and inside perimeters to the exterior walls.
  • Installation of a wooden deck adjoining the entrance of the inside hallway door to the 100 wing, along with stepping stones to the gazebo.

Improvements to the Greenhouse courtyard at PHS:

  • Removed overgrown tree damaging greenhouse foundation and prairie grass; replaced with a butterfly garden, forsythia bushes and mulch.

Improvements to the Pirate courtyard to PHS:

  • Removed aging insect-infested shrubs and ongoing weed problem and replaced with ground covered black cloth weed barrier, added river rock and new maintenance-free bushes.

PHS Exterior Auditorium door and window replacement:

  • Original 1950 exterior double set of doors along with adjoining upper windows above the canopy were replaced.

Upkeep of our grounds at all buildings is an ongoing task and much has been done over the five years of the current Permanent Improvement levy. Along with the items above, exterior brick walls/chimneys have been restored, tennis court surface repaired of cracks and re-coated, and equipment necessary for mowing and snow removal has been purchased due to these essential monies.






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Permanent Improvement Levy is Issue 21

The Perkins Schools Permanent Improvement Levy is Issue 21 on theNovember 7, 2017 ballot. You may vote early in person at the Erie County Board of Elections, 2900 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky. Ballot language and early voting hours are shown below:



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