History of the Perkins Alumni and Friends Association (PAFA)

A long, gray building at the corner of Taylor Road and S. Columbus Avenue in Sandusky, OH, is the home of the Perkins Alumni and Friends Association.  Several interested graduates and community members, with the following goals, established it in 1998

  1. Provide scholarship money to deserving high school seniors.
  2. Donate money to each of the Perkins schools to further educational goals of each building.
  3. Develop an alumni database with contact information to keep alumni connected and help individual classes with reunions.
  4. Obtain and maintain an alumni building for meetings and storing memorabilia.
  5. Publish a newsletter.
  6. Sponsor a Hall of Fame banquet to recognize former students, staff and support people who have distinguished themselves in their communities or professions.

The association was approved as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2000.  In 2003, the Perkins Board of Education gave the Perkins Alumni and Friends Association permission to use the building at the corner of Taylor Road and South Columbus Avenue.  Originally, this same address was once a Methodist church, a Grange Hall, a township hall, an infirmary in the Plum Brook Ordnance Works and a NASA storage facility.  With the help of grant money, donations, members of the association and many other community people, the building was renovated for its current use.  Ceilings were lowered and windows were replaced along with the heating system.  Walls and floors were cleaned, prepared, painted and carpeted.  Filing cabinets, display tables, chairs and miscellaneous office furniture were added as well as stocking the kitchen with a stove and refrigerator.  The official opening was in the afternoon of Saturday, October 26, 2003.

Today, those original goals are continually met each year!  The Perkins Alumni and Friends Association provides a $1000 scholarship to each of at least two deserving high school seniors.  Each school building receives $100 for their building needs.  The alumni database now contains roughly 5700 accurate addresses (from approximately 8500 graduates) and is continually updated.  The Perkins Alumni and Friends Building houses a good display of history, memorabilia, and is the location for association meetings.  The alumni newsletter, The Venerable Buccaneer, is published four times per year and sent to all dues-paying association members.  The Hall of Fame includes over 60 people deserving of induction since the first banquet in 2001.

There are now Perkins graduates all over the world who can remain connected through the efforts of the Perkins Alumni and Friends Association.  Anyone interested in becoming a member may download a membership form on this website.  Your support will ensure the continuation of this special organization’s goals and projects.                                                            

Perkins Alumni and Friends
P.O. Box 259
Sandusky, OH 44871-0259

Perkins Hall of Fame
Past Inductees

Distinguished Alumni

Willie Twyman-Aaron '64
Jerry Baumgardner '63
Dr. Robert Bellamy '61
Stacey Lowry Bretz '85
Matthew Buderer ’83
Lt. Col. Scott Caldwell '81
Gus Corso '63
Mickey Corso '68
Jay Crawford '83
Mark Dray '61
Brad Dwelle '79
Steve Fosco '69
David L. Freyberg ’67
Lew Goldfarb '76
Phyllis Goldfarb '74
Roberta Goldfarb '71
Daniel W. Jackson '71
Peg Lindsley Kingsley '61
Leonard Matz '69
Tim McClung '80
Dan McLaughlin '77
Frank Murru '70
John Schlessman ’69
Chris Smith '84
Scot Smith '80
Ruth Lindsley Strohl ’69
Ernest Thomas '72
Ann Schlessman Voight '61
Randy Westgate '84
Thomas Whaley '68
Craig Wood ’68

Distinguished Staff

Joanne Arndt
Merle Arndt
Joyce Barrett
John Blakeman
Harold Butcher
Ada Dahm
Kenneth Fleming
Ray Furry
James Gray
Joe Groscost
Beverley Hanley
Thomas Hartley
Jim Hauser
John Hinton
H. Dennis Lavy
H. Dale Moore
Roger Moore
Edward Muffler
Penny Neidhart
Dick Norman
Bernard Palmer
Larry Pitts
Richard Roesch
Max Shoff
Robert Stephenson
John Stone
John Stradtman
Jay Harris Strohl
Joe Taylor Sr.
Bob Wilson

Distinguished Service

Dr. John Cook
Frank Corder
Fred Deering
Dr. Francis Fry
Charles Goldfarb
J. Philip Gasteier
Theodore Hill
Larry Holkenborg
Robert C. Koch
Howard Lindsley
Jeff Manuella
Jim Morris
Nancy Pratt
Dr. James Printy
Richard Schuster
Lester Toll
Vincent Toll
Elaine Waterfield
Dr. Richard Widdoes