Student Services

The Perkins Local School District serves students with special needs from age 3 to age 21 as required by federal law.  Students are served in the least restrictive environment possible, and they are included in the regular classroom with their typical peers when that arrangement will meet their educational needs.

An Individual Educational Plan is developed for each special needs student. Parents meet with appropriate Perkins Local Schools staff to determine annual educational goals and an educational plan, including necessary accommodations and services. Services can include speech and language services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavior modification, special instruction through intervention specialists, adaptive physical education and other specialized services designed to insure that each child's educational needs are met.
The Director of Student Services manages a parent email list in order to disperse information regarding items of interest to parents.  If you are the parent of a student with a disability in the Perkins Local School District and would like to be included in this mailing list, please email Lindsey Holeman with your email contact information.

Federal Court Instructs Ohio Districts to Post Information for Parents Concerning Data Release

 U.S. District Court has ordered that 2013-2014 school year records from the Ohio Department of Education’s Educational Management Information System be turned over to Disability Rights Ohio as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, families of students whose data will be released must be notified and given the opportunity to object. The court is instructing all local education agencies to post notice about this opportunity to object on their district websites and in a central location, accessible to the public, in each building that is open to the public.

    A copy of the notice – which includes instructions on how parents may object to the data release – can be found here. The court must receive objections no later than Sept. 12.

    Students' names, addresses and social security numbers are not part of the information to be released. Ohio is one of only three states that do not allow their departments of education to collect this data, to protect student privacy.

    Data to be released for each student include student ID number, school name, grade, gender, race, age and disability category. The records also reveal student performance on the state’s Ohio Achievement Assessments and Ohio Graduation Tests, as well as tests related to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Student suspensions and expulsions also are listed.

    The data is subject to a protective order, which means Disability Rights Ohio cannot publicize it.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please contact the Ohio Department of Education’s legal office at (614) 466-4705 if you have questions.


Public Notice Special Education Idea

Perkins Local School District is seeking parental and citizen comment on how to best spend federal funds for special education during the 2014-2015 school year. The district will receive $434,336 from the Special Education, Part B-Idea funds administered through the Division of Exceptional Children, Ohio Department of Education. Persons with suggestions should contact Tricia Samuel, Director of Special Education 419-625-0484 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.


District Child Find Information

Child Find is a search for all children with disabilities. Perkins Local School District is required to locate, identify, and evaluate children within its boundaries suspected of having a disability.
Who are children suspected of having a disability?
  • A child appearing to exhibit a developmental delay;
  • A child with a suspected deficit in one or more of the developmental areas: communication, vision, hearing, motor skills;
  • A child who may be known to have or appear to have any of the following: autism; hearing impairment, including deafness; mental retardation; multiple disabilities; orthopedic impairment; other health impairment; emotional disturbance; specific learning disabilities; speech or language impairment; traumatic brain injury; visual impairment, including blindness.
If you have or know of a child who may have a disability, please contact the Director of Student Services, Lindsay Holeman.


State Law now requires an optometrist exam for students referred for special education in order to be sure their near vision is strong. Here is information for families who need financial help with this: Ohio Ophthalmological Society of Ohio  614-527-6799