Curriculum Director's Office

What is Perkins Curriculum?

Our curriculum is designed to follow Ohio laws and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) rules and regulations that students graduate from high school both college and career ready.

In addition to Ohio stipulated content, our curriculum is designed to develop the skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Creativity
  4. Critical Thinking

MAP Testing

MAP Testing is an assessment given to Kindergarten - Grade 8 students in the fall, winter and spring which allows us to:

  1. Measure student growth from fall > spring > fall
  2. Observe both individual and district-wide student achievement so that curriculum and instruction can be adjusted to meet the needs of the students.
  3. Identify individual student strengths and areas that need improvement.
  4. Predict student performance on State and National tests.

MAP Testing is recognized by the Ohio Dept. of Education for use to meet state assessment requirements for all students including assessments for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and identifying academically gifted students.

iEvolve with STEM

Ohio’s new science learning standards differ from past standards by placing equal emphasis on science content and on investigation, critical thinking skills and writing.
A Small Poster that says: iEvolve with STEM

Students at Meadowlawn School are engaged in real hands-on, minds-on work in science through a grant received by Bowling Green State University in partnership with Perkins Schools from the National Science Foundation.  This program, referred to as "iEvolve with STEM", is one of only six Targeted Partnership projects in the nation funded by the National Science Foundation's Math-Science Partnership program in 2012!

iEvolve has provided extensive curriculum planning and teacher training.  New materials, such as Full Option Science System (FOSS) science kits, have the students study science with a hands-on approach that encourages investigation of concepts in the Physical, Earth and Life sciences.  Our students are developing observation skills, asked to draw inference and conclusions and then write about what they have seen and observed.

This coming school year the students will participate in investigative citizen-science, working with research scientists from the Toledo Zoo, Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory and Bowling Green State University’s Herpetology and Marine Labs on actual science projects.  Students will continue their learning with the science curriculum and participation in research, but will also learn ways to share their discoveries – not only in our community but across the nation and even across the world!