Gifted Services

We believe students need to be challenged with high expectations as lifelong learners, and that especially goes for students with exceptional cognitive abilities. To empower students to pursue their dreams and achieve success, Gifted Services:

Provides high-quality, rigorous educational experiences to our gifted population;

Engages students in real-world applications via problem-based learning, service learning, mentoring, classroom guests, and potential for internships;

Encourages and provides opportunities for collaboration, creativity, innovation, and communication among our students; and

Provides guidance for future endeavors for our gifted students.


Students may be identified in the areas of Superior Cognitive Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Thinking, and Visual/Performing Arts. The identification process consists of three phases: Screening, Assessment, and Identification.

Students are identified through screenings, assessment, or referrals. Following whole-grade screenings, students who meet the criteria for further assessments may be administered state-approved, norm-referenced assessments. Students may be referred for testing twice each year, with referral forms available in the main offices of each school, as well as online.

The following criteria are used for placement in our gifted program:
Grades K-8: Superior Cognitive Ability and/or Reading/Math identification

Grades 9-12: Superior Cognitive Ability and/or specific academic/arts identification

All students with gifted identifications will receive a Written Education Plan (WEP), which assists in defining and guiding instructional goals and delivery methods.

Students who are grade- or subject-accelerated and participating in coursework above grade level will receive a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP), indicating that the student is receiving services via courses above grade level.

Students placed in our gifted program are provided numerous opportunities to hone their skills in and outside of the classroom, including participation in Academic Challenge, Spelling Bee, Mock Trial, Artists’ Workshops for Young Authors, and STEAM-24.

Gifted Intervention Specialists and teachers of gifted students participate in ongoing, high-quality professional development throughout the year.

Perkins Local Schools’ gifted identification process is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education guidelines. If you have any questions about the program or your child’s participation, please contact Cathy Fischer, our Gifted Coordinator at