Board of Education, PEA, OAPSE Agree To 3-Year Contracts

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In a move that ensures continuity of student learning and achievement, as well as district operations, the Perkins Local School District Board of Education has approved separate labor contracts with the unions that represent the district's teachers and support staff.

Board members met Friday, May 28, to vote on the separate contracts with the Perkins Education Association (PEA) and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 341 (OAPSE). The Board voted unanimously to approve the pacts.

Superintendent Todd Boggs said he was pleased with the negotiations that took place over several weeks this spring as the Perkins Schools were wrapping up a full school year of in-person learning under the haze of the pandemic. The successful negotiations, and the eagerness of all parties to come together to reach bargaining agreements that meet everyone’s needs demonstrate how dedicated the Perkins family is to furthering the district’s positive culture, Mr. Boggs said.

“I would like to thank Alice James and the PEA leadership, and Wayne Ramey and the OAPSE leadership, as well as the Perkins Board of Education, for their dedication, thoughts and ideas, and hard work to make Perkins Local Schools an even better school system for our students and families,” Mr. Boggs said. “The contracts resulted from very positive negotiations that came at the end of a very difficult year during the pandemic.”

Jason Dulaney, president of Perkins Schools Board of Education, agreed.
“I’m proud of all the hard work our administrative team and the union representatives put in to complete negotiations in a timely manner,” Mr. Dulaney said. “I’m thankful that during this difficult year that negotiations went smoothly, and that teaching and learning were priorities for everyone.”

The PEA contract was ratified by its members earlier in May. Alice James, the president of the teachers union, said the new contract is fair for all parties involved.

“After many hours of negotiations in April, the 130 members of the Perkins Education Association and the Perkins Board of Education have reached an agreement,” Mrs. James said. “The positive outcome for both have set the path for another three great years here in the Perkins Local School District.”

Meantime, the district’s OAPSE team, which includes more than 100 employees who serve the district as bus drivers, secretaries, maintenance and custodial staff, paraprofessionals, bus mechanics, and cooks and cashiers, adopted the new contract on Thursday.

OAPSE Local 341 President Wayne Ramey said he was pleased with how smoothly the negotiations went.

“We were able to reach a very fair package,” Mr. Ramey said. “We have an agreement that meets the needs of our more than 100 members and the administration. It’s a deal that benefits all the Perkins Schools family, including our students, staff, administrators, and the community.”

The contract with OAPSE includes base pay increases of 2.75 percent each year of the three-year pact. The contract also calls for the creation of a sick leave reserve and verified experience will be granted to attract qualified new employees.

The PEA contract has a 2.5 percent increase in base wages each year, $20,000 in life insurance coverage, and a change in teacher evaluations.

Both contracts grant employees modified use of personal days. They also will increase their share of health insurance premium from 15 percent to 16 percent the first year, 17 percent the second year, and 18 percent the third year.

The new contract takes effect on July 1.

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