Sports Psychologist Helps PHS Athletes Sharpen Their Mental Games

T3 Performance sports psychologist Molly McQueary meets with the PHS Athletic Leadership Team.

Perkins High School athletes spend a lot of time in the weight room training for the big game. On Tuesday, members of the PHS Athletic Leadership Team spent time working on their mental games.

Molly McQueary, a sports psychologist from T3 Performance, shared some simple techniques to help student-athletes train their minds to focus on the game and less on negative thoughts and distractions. 

“You spend a lot of time in the weight room prepping to be bigger, faster and stronger,” Ms. McQueary said. “If you don’t know how to control your emotions, it’s all lost.” 

Molly McQueary teaches breathing exercises to PHS Athletic Leadership Team members.Among the techniques, she encouraged students to create a pre-game script to help visualize their ideal performances on the field or court. That script not only should include ideas that lead to a positive mindset, but also strategies to deal with adversity and obstacles they very likely will encounter during a game.

Ms. McQueary also shared breathing exercises and techniques that athletes can use during a game when a shot is missed, they strike out, or make a mistake, so they can quickly re-engage with the game.

Perkins High School Athletic Director Ted Sturzinger organized the PHS Athletic Leadership team earlier this year. The team was organized as a continuation of the Athletic Leadership team at Briar Middle School. The PHS team includes student-athletes in grades 9 to 12, and meets monthly to discuss leadership on and off the field.

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