Perkins Schools Adopts New Attendance Policy

Attendance policy

A change in the Perkins Local School District’s attendance policy will now require students to have a doctor’s note if an illness extends beyond five days. The policy applies to students in all four school buildings, and has been included in 2021-2022 school year handbooks.

Each of the handbooks is posted on the corresponding school building web page and can be accessed by click the links below:

Parents and guardians are required to notify the school offices daily during the first five days of a student’s absence. 

Below is a list of phone numbers for each of the buildings. Parents and guardians should save the numbers in the event they need to report their students absent.

  • Perkins High School: 419-625-1252
  • Briar Middle School: 419-625-0132
  • Meadowlawn Intermediate School: 419-625-0214
  • Furry Elementary School: 419-625-4352

After five days, parents or guardians must have documentation from a doctor or a court for an absence to be excused. 

An absence will be considered “excused” if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Illness of child; after 30 hours (5 days) of absence, requires a written statement from physician or medical health professional 
  • Illness in the family requiring the presence of the child; a written statement from a physician with explanation as to why the child’s absence was necessary 
  • Quarantine of the home; reasonable cause is shown 
  • Death of a relative; appropriate documentation must be provided 
  • Medical or dental appointment; requires written statement from physician or dentist 
  • Observance of religious holiday for a religious holiday consistent with the child’s truly held religious beliefs 
  • Vacation absence forms must be filled out two weeks ahead of time on PowerSchool. Approval for all vacations will be made on a case-by-case basis by a building administrator. If a vacation is not approved, it will be an unexcused absence. 

Missing too much school has long-term negative effects on students, including lower achievement, grades, and graduation rates. There are many reasons why students miss school and at Perkins Schools, we are committed to finding extra supports and services to get students to school every day. 

The Ohio General Assembly passed a law to encourage and support preventive approach to excessive absences and truancy. A school absence intervention team, a team of educators, district representatives and other supportive adults, will develop a standardized absence intervention plan for students who are habitually truant. 

Absence intervention plans incorporate academic and non-academic supports to help students remove barriers to regular attendance. 

Highlights of House Bill 410 Definition of “habitual truant” changed from days to hours. The new definition is: 

  • Absent 30 or more consecutive hours without a legitimate excuse; 
  • Absent 42 or more hours in one month without a legitimate excuse; or
  • Absent 72 or more hours in one year without a legitimate excuse. Includes “excessive absences” 
  • Absent 38 or more hours in one month, with or without a legitimate excuse; or 
  • Absent 65 or more hours in one school year, with or without a legitimate excuse 


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