PHS Drama Club Performs 'Little Mermaid'

Little Mermaid

Come along for a seaside adventure with this spring’s Perkins High School production of “The Little Mermaid.” The PHS musical production of the story made famous by Disney opens Thursday, April 7, and continues Friday, April 8, and Saturday, April 9, in the high school auditorium.

PHS senior Mackenzie Wright plays the lead role of Ariel, a young mermaid full of excitement and wonder about the world above the water. Smitten with Prince Eric (played by junior Drew Peiffer), Ariel seeks out the help of the evil sea witch Ursula (played by freshmen Chloe Carr) to find a way to land.

After an argument with her father, King Triton (played by sophomore Aaron Welch), Ariel sets out on a journey accompanied by her dear friend Flounder (played by junior Ben Parnell) and loveable advisor Sebastian (played by PHS senior Brett Phenicie).

The musical is directed by PHS teachers Shana DeRose Smith and Chris Zanella, and choreographed by Furry Elementary School teacher Pamela Shirtz. The vocals are directed by PHS teacher Randy Gernovich. 

The production is accompanied by the pit orchestra of PHS Band members and directed by Chris Zanella.

The musical will be performed three nights – at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door.



Ariel: Mackenzie Wright

Prince Eric: Drew Peiffer

Sebastian: Brett Phenicie

Grimsby: Franklin Whipple

Flounder: Ben Parnell

Scuttle: Brooke McClusky

Ursula: Chloe Carr

Flotsam: Jordyn Risk

Jetsam: Alison Risk

Aquata: Bailey Garrett

 Andrina: Noelle Showalter

Arista: Katelyn Showalter

Atina: Cadence Bryant

Adella: Isabel Roberts

Allana: Jasmine King

Winward: Carly Grathwol

Leeward: Angie Leckrone

Chef Louis: Kaydee Streng


King Triton/ Pilot: Aaron Welch

Sailors, Sea Creatures, Maids, Gulls, Chefs, Animals: Emily Terry, Addison Stradtman, Alysa Williams, Tyler Davis, Madison Johnson, Kaydee Streng, Conner Zytkowicz, Samuel West, Marianna Bollini, Carly

Pit Orchestra and Crew

Pit Director: Mr. Christopher Zanella

Piano: Mr. Randall Gernovich

Piano: Mrs. Karen Rude

Flute: Lauren Eakes

Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute: Emma Troyer

Clarinet: Alex Lipinski

Clarinet: Aaron Geise

Euphonium: Gabe Cummings

Bass Guitar: Evan Pearston

Percussion: Anthony Douglas

Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone: Matt Chandran

Trumpet: Savannah Willis

Trumpet: Maggie Mehling

Horn: Ms. Jacqueline Schroeder

Horn: Kaden Canfield

Drum Set: Caroline Gast

Sound: Mr. Josh Eastlake

Spot Light #1: Sang Bui

Spot Light #2: Michael Uher

Lightboard: Richard Cottrill 

Stage Crew: Kailey Hirshman, Ashritha Kota, Keira Geiger page6image19949888 

Paint Crew: Emma Walton, James Wolford, Aedon Gibson, Jasmine King, Katelyn Showalter, Mackenzie Wright, Noelle Showalter, Kaydee Streng, Bailey Garrett, Emily Terry, Addison Stradman, Conner Zytkowicz, Sam West, Drew Peiffer, Tyler Davis, Angie Leckrone, Alysa Williams

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