'Wild Robot' Wanders Into Meadowlawn

Mrs. Griffing introduces the One School One Book title to her students.

“The Wild Robot” was unleashed Thursday afternoon at Meadowlawn Intermediate School. 

“Wild Robot,” by author Peter Brown, is the One School One Book paperback that will be read by students, teachers, and staff at Meadowlawn this winter. 

The book is the story of Roz, a robot stranded on a remote island. Roz faces severe weather, a bear attack, and unfamiliar surroundings, and learns she must adapt to survive. 

A committee of teachers chose the book because of its great, positive message, and it fits the reading levels of Meadowlawn’s third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students, said Principal Jeremy Hiser. The book touches on technology, plants and animals, and survival.

“The book incorporates so many subjects,” said Meadowlawn teacher Kim Rogers. “And, it's a wonderful story about caring for people and being a good friend.”

The anticipation was at a high level in Kaitlin Griffing’s 4th-grade class on Thursday afternoon. Working wiMrs. Griffing introduces "The Wild Robot" to her students.th a series of clues – robots, island, and shipwreck – the students sleuthed out the title of the book they would read. 

“This is going to take us on a wild journey,” said Mrs. Griffing as she handed copies of the book to each student. Students – along with their families – will read the book over the next quarter. Each day, Meadowlawn will stream a chapter of the book being read by a guest reader. Students can tune in to read along at home each evening. 

The technology aspect of the book also plays into the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) theme that will be woven into the school’s lessons in the third quarter. And tomorrow, Friday, January 7, Meadowlawn will host its quarterly LAUNCH day, where community members and experts visit the school to share experiences they have in their jobs. (The Perkins High School Robotics Club is among the guests.)

The theme of the LAUNCH is “Quality of Life.” 

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