Facilities Committee To Share Facilities Master Plan Proposal With Community

Briar Middle School

The Perkins Local School District will host a meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30, in the PHS Auditorium for all families and residents of the district to review the considerations of the Facilities Advisory Committee. 

The considerations include the possibility of constructing a new building for Grades 6 to 12 as part of a one campus learning environment for Perkins Schools.

The Facilities Advisory Committee, which includes parents, business representatives, and residents of the school district, has been tasked with creating and delivering a master plan recommendation to the Perkins Schools Board of Education at its next meeting on Wednesday, December 14. 

The Facilities Advisory Committee has met several times since last summer to review Perkins Schools’ current facilities and its future needs. The committee has been guided by the architecture and engineering firm of Fanning Howey, which was hired by the Perkins Board of Education earlier this year.

Before making its recommendation next month to the Board of Education, the Facilities Advisory Committee members want to share its findings with the greater community to gauge support of the plan. Currently, the Facilities Advisory Committee has arrived at a plan to recommend constructing a new building, for Grades 6 to 12, at a cost estimated between $60 million and $64 million. 

A second phase of the plan would consolidate classes in Preschool to Grades 5 into the current Perkins High School building in an effort to move all students to a single campus, and close Furry Elementary, Meadowlawn Intermediate School, and Briar Middle School. A cost estimate for moving students into the PHS building has not yet been determined. 

A later phase of the master plan could include expanding the new 6-12 building to include Preschool to Grade 5.

The committee has not determined financing for the master plan recommendations. 

The meeting on Wednesday, November 30, will be crucial for the future planning for the Perkins Local School District. Community input will be vital and factored into the recommendation it makes to the Board of Education.

Before attending the meeting, residents can review a presentation that details the process used by the Facilities Advisory Committee and how it arrived at its current plan. The presentation is posted online.

For more information, please contact the Perkins Administrative Service Center at 419-625-0484.

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