Perkins Schools Get 5 Stars For Graduation Rate

Ohio report cards

The Ohio Department of Education has recognized Perkins Local School District for its outstanding graduation rate and the progress the district’s students are making with state testing. 

The ratings were released today, Thursday, September 15, as part of the report cards for public school districts across the state during the 2021-2022 school year.

The Ohio Department of Education this year changed its annual report system from a letter grading system to a 5-star rating system, with five stars being the highest designation. The state did not give districts overall ratings as part of the report card.

For the 2021-2022 school year, Perkins Schools received five stars for its 98 percent 4-year and 98.7 percent 5-year Graduation rates. Perkins Schools also received four stars for the Progress Component, which measures the academic performance of students compared to expected growth on state tests.

Perkins’ report card notes that in grades 4-8, students exceeded progress expectations in all tests, and high school students exceeded progress expectations on government, history, biology, and algebra tests, and met expectations for English II and geometry tests.

For more information and to review the state’s report card for Perkins School, click here

Additionally, the district received a 3-star rating for the Gap Closing Component, which shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for students in English language arts, math, and graduation. It also measures how well schools are doing in supporting English learners to increase language proficiency, reducing chronic absenteeism for all students, and identifying gifted students and providing gifted services.

Perkins Superintendent Todd Boggs said the report card reflects the great work that our faculty, staff, and students are doing as well as showing areas where we can all work together with a common focus to improve our performance.

“Our Progress and Graduation rates show that the Perkins students, teachers, and staff continue to push themselves for success and academic achievement,” Mr. Boggs said. “Even so, we need to continue to work with a unified focus in all areas to help our students reach their maximum potential. I am proud of our faculty, staff, and students for the work they do and the effort they will give moving forward. We now have a baseline with this ‘new’ report card and the work that we have to do.” 

The district received a 3-star rating for the Gap Closing component, which measures the reduction in educational gap for student subgroups. Perkins Schools receive a 2-star rating for the Early Literacy component that measures reading improvement and proficiency for students in kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

The Ohio Department of Education also released report cards for each of Perkins Schools buildings. Click the links below to review each building’s scores




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