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Bid Opportunities

Perkins Local Schools works hard to protect our community’s investment in our students. Managed by our Treasurer’s Office, bidding out projects is a small piece of our district operations, but an important one.

The State of Ohio requires school districts to conduct a formal bidding process when:
Considering construction, renovation or repairs of buildings and their fixtures, if the estimated cost of a project is greater than $50,000
Purchasing school buses
Purchasing food and supplies, including management company services, if the cost is over $150,000.

In cases that do not meet these legal requirements, it is board policy and district practice that we conduct an RFP process, diligently seek multiple vendor estimates, and/or purchase services through a consortium.

Purchasing through consortiums helps the district save money and improve efficiency because it allows us to share costs with other school districts and partners. Some examples of Perkins consortium purchases include our natural gas supply, electricity, and the food we purchase for our cafeterias. This practice ensures the district is fiscally responsible.