Mr. Thom Gets Clipped At Briar

PERKS students honored at Briar

Briar Principal Jeff Thom went under the razor during an anything-but-normal assembly in the gymnasium on Thursday afternoon.

Holding the razor were the student PERKS leaders from throughout the first quarter. Each of the 52 students, who were recognized as role models for their classmates, took turns with the clippers to trim Mr. Thom’s locks while the rest of the student body looked on. 

Mr. Thom and assistant Principal Erich Weisenberger also sacrificed their neckties to a pair of students are with scissors.

Million Word WinnersEarlier in the assembly, Mr. Thom and Mr. Weisenberger honored the winners of the “Million Word Challenge.” 

Seventh graders Jillian Hvizdos and Titus Normington-Slay were recognized for hitting the 1 million word target over the past couple of weeks. Jillian and Titus each received BAM and Chick-fil-A gift cards and other prizes.

Four students – Jillian Hvizdos, Cooper Murphy, Titus Normington-Slay, and Lucy Miller – read 750,000 words will get a free lunch on Mr. Thom. 

Six students – Jillian Hvizdos, Titus Normington-Slay, Preston Burnett, Cooper Murphy, Chloe Rabb, and Lucy Miller – read 500,000 words and will get ice cream. 

Twelve students – Preston Burnett, Titus Normington-Slay, Brennan Swartz, Jillian Hvizdos, Isabella Battaglia, Madisyn Smith, Gabe Spencer, Cooper Murphy, Chloe Rabb, Emmarie West, Ava Michel, and Lucy Miller read 250,000 words and received a candy bar.


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