This Is Perkins NOW

Superintendent Boggs To Deliver 'This Is Perkins NOW' Address
Posted on 08/19/2019
Superintendent Todd Boggs will deliver “This Is Perkins NOW” to update parents, neighbors, and the community on the state of their Perkins Local School District at 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 16, in the high school auditorium.

During the state of the schools address, Mr. Boggs will discuss Perkins Schools’ upcoming 2019 Report Card from the Ohio Department of Education and what it means for students, parents and guardians, and the school district’s staff and faculty.

The superintendent also will review the academic goals the district’s administrative team has established for the district, as well as it renewed focus on climate and culture within the four buildings.

Mr. Boggs will highlight the many successes the district has had in his first year as superintendent, and look ahead to the changes that are being made to make our schools even better.

“This Is Perkins NOW” is a kickoff event to a series of smaller meetings by Mr. Boggs, along with other administrators and staff and faculty members, with community groups, local businesses, and neighborhood associations.

“This Is Perkins NOW” is free and open to anyone in the community. Plan to come early, as the Perkins High School Jazz Ambassadors will open the evening at 6:45 p.m.