Parent Survey Results

Parents Offer Their Opinions On Restart Of School
Posted on 07/13/2020

Parents and guardians of Perkins Local School District students say they have mixed feelings about sending their children back to school in August, according to results from a survey of district families last week.

Parents also said that if schools do open on August 26, as currently scheduled, for classes, many are comfortable with social distancing and teachers and students wearing face masks.

The survey was sent Wednesday, July 8, to 1,110 parents and guardians, and was closed on Monday morning. The district received 510 responses to the survey.

Results of the survey will be discussed Monday during a work session of the Perkins Local Schools Board of Education. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the PHS cafeteria. The meeting is open to the public, and pandemic protocols, including social distancing and wearing face masks, will be in order.

Here is a summary of answers from the survey:

What school buildings do your students attend?
Furry Elementary: 34.1% (174 respondents)
Meadowlawn Intermediate School: 36.8% (188)
Briar Middle School: 37.6% (192)
Perkins High School: 39.2% (200)
EHOVE: 5.8% (30)
BGSU-Firelands: 2.1% (11)
Other: Less than 1% (1)

My child receives: (Check all that apply)
Services through an IEP: 15.9% (81)
Services through a 504: 5.6% (29)
Title I Services: 4.9% (25)
Gifted Services: 18.2% (93)
None of the above: 59.7% (304)
Other: 1.3% (7)

Please choose the response that best describes your family:
We have reliable internet at home during school hours: 96.6% (493)
We have access to reliable internet, but not at home: Less than 1% (2)
We do not have access to reliable internet during school hours: 1.3% (7)
No responses: Less than 1% (1)

Compared to spring of 2020, what can Perkins Schools do to improve distance and online learning for the 2020-2021 school year?

Establish required class times for students and teachers to be online: 60.7% (310)
Have more engaging and interactive lessons: 51.9% (265)
Have resources for parents and guardians ensure a better at-home learning experience: 47.2% (241)
Enable more one-on-one time with students and teachers: 43.7% (223)
Other: 9.8% (50)

Suggestions from parents and guardians:
Understand there was not much time to prepare in the spring, but whatever you do, there has to be some structure, accountability & socialization - the spring was a complete waste of time and my kid, who wants and likes to learn, was left feeling abandoned & learned absolutely nothing. I zoom quite a bit for work & can tell you, meetings are never as productive as in person and social cues are missed. Classroom time is a must.

Please don't have required times. This will be difficult as we both work and sometimes we are not able to work with our kids till the evening on their work.

Felt there was no interaction with kids and teachers. Need to be set times for the kids are online in a zoom meeting for a class. Classes need to be live and at set times and interactive lessons. Too hard for these kids to discipline themselves to get the work done

As a parent who does not have a background in education, it is difficult to know what expectations for my children should be. Last year, until our daughter’s teacher told us otherwise, I thought she needed to do 6-8 hours of learning as a kindergartner. I also thought she was doing poorly with reading when in fact her teacher told us she’s doing great. I would like to know up front from the teacher what the expectations for learning are & meet with the teacher to assess how my kids are doing.

Perkins Local Schools will adhere to Ohio Department of Health and Erie County Health Department Guidelines regarding the opening school in the fall, which may include wearing masks and social distancing.
With that information, what is your level of comfort in sending your child to school in the fall of 2020?

Very Comfortable: 20.7% (160)
Comfortable: 25.4% (130)
Unsure: 26.8% (137)
Uncomfortable: 14.5% (74)
Very uncomfortable: 12.3% (63)

Perkins Local Schools will adopt a mask policy for the 2020-2021 school in accordance with guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Health and Erie County Health Department Guidelines regarding opening school in the fall.
If required, would you send your child to school wearing a mask?

Yes: 62.9% (321)
No: 17% (87)
Other: 20% (102)

I am comfortable sending my child back to school in the fall.
Strongly Agree: 25.8% (132)
Agree: 24.3% (124)
Not Sure: 29.4% (150)
Disagree: 10.9% (56)
Strongly Disagree: 9.4% (48)

I would like Perkins Schools to provide an online option for learning.
Strongly Agree: 27.8% (142)
Agree: 32.5% (142)
Not Sure: 22.3% (114)
Disagree: 11.7% (60)
Strongly Disagree: 5.4% (28)

Please share any thoughts, concerns, ideas about the closing of this school in the 2019-2020 year and the opening of school in the 2020-2021 year.
A sampling of comments and suggestions from parents:

My child will be attending school in the fall but I am completely against the wearing of masks. If there will be online learning, I am requesting that work be assigned to students. I have a middle school student at home and her assignments, when she did have them were few and far between. These kids need work so they can stay engaged!

Kids need to be back in school interacting and participating in activities.
Closing the school was the best decision at the time. We had no idea what we were in for. Good job!

We NEED our kids to attend classes with peers. Find a way to mix online/class time to support social distancing. Is there any way to test kids (drive thru) a couple days b4 start. Enlist volunteers to help with sanitizing/health monitoring

Major concerns over making this work for a student who has full time working parents who do not have the ability to take off or work from home and who at this time do not have a sitter in the event school is not all day every day. Also major concerns as to what will happen if there is no before and after care provided. Need time to plan ASAP.

If they do online learning at home I feel some teachers need to help teach not just throw lessons at kids and expect them to learn them, teachers have to teach, that’s what they are there for. My child struggles last spring in some classes because the teacher didn’t help or teach, as she was a “A,B” student and almost failed classes

My daughter learns best with routine, consistency, and assistance from the teacher. I fear many students will repeat grade levels due to lack of structure, discipline, and attention to school work. I fear they will only learn to search google for answers and not learn and engage in conversation. School is the social laboratory of life children need.

If required to wear a mask anywhere in the school building, my child will not be returning in the fall. I believe its vital that students get art, music, gym (not just recess), computer, etc. What's the sense of going to school for 2 days? My opinion, it's a waste of gas and time since my child is open enrolled. She has voiced her concerns to me.

My children are so excited for school to start, and it is crucial for their social development, to be able to attend school in person. Please make masks mandatory, and help keep our children, teachers, and community safe! Keeping online learning as an option for those who feel unsafe even with masks and for those unwilling to wear masks. Thank you!

I feel that our kids need socializing as much as schooling. It is not healthy to be glued to a computer all day, they are missing milestones. I do not want the kids to be alphabetized upon return. I have faith and trust in Perkins. I feel kids need to go to school but I am also supportive of whatever you as a district feel is best. Thank you!

I want my child back in the classroom, if it is safe. Online learning is not ideal, especially for science lab classes. If social distancing is enforced and the students' time is used for interactive teaching with the teachers, I welcome going back to school in the fall. Teachers need to have set time to interact with students online.