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2020-2021 Educational Programming for Gifted & Talented Students

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Screening – Students are whole-grade screened in grades 2 and 5 using the Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT) and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in Math and Reading, and in grades 6-8 using MAP in Math and Reading.

Assessment – Following screening, small group and/or individual assessments may be administered for potentially gifted students using state-approved, norm referenced assessment tools.

Referrals – Students can be referred for assessment by parents, teachers, or students in September and April (twice yearly). Referral forms are available in the office of each building or on the district website.

Assurances – Provisions are made to accommodate children with varying cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, disabilities and children for whom English is a second language. The district identifies using only state-approved tests administered by trained professionals.

Acceleration – The district uses the Ohio Model Acceleration Process.


The identification process complies with the Ohio Department of Education guidelines:

The Perkins Local School District’s gifted identification plan identifies students in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and visual/performing arts ability. The identification process consists of three phases: screening, assessment, and identification.


Outside Testing – The district will accept outside testing for gifted identification if tests align with the ODE Chart of Approved Measures.

Transfer Students – The district will review testing from previous schools in accordance with Perkins criteria and ODE guidelines to determine whether students qualify for gifted services.

Appeal – The district has an appeals process for decisions regarding screening and identification. The initial step in the process is to submit a written statement to the building principal explaining the reasons for the appeal of identification.
Withdrawal – The district has procedures by which the parents can withdraw their students from services if they feel that the child is unsuccessful in the service or the service is not meeting the needs of the child. Parents should contact their Gifted Intervention Specialist for an initial meeting.

In accordance with the ODE Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students, services will be guided by WEPs. All gifted services shall be based on the students’ area(s) of identification with individual needs guided by WEPs.

Students who have met the criteria for whole grade or subject acceleration will be provided with WAPs during year one of their acceleration, as indicated by the ODE.

Young Authors
Virtual Mock Trial
Virtual Math Games
Digital Visual Arts Identification
ACT Practice Testing
Academic Challenge
Math Counts
Power of the Pen
Revised 9/20


Due to COVID-19, gifted services are limited. Students whose parents have chosen the online learning platform will not be receiving gifted services.

Students whose parents have chosen in-person learning will be served in the following ways:

Grades K-5
The Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) supports the classroom teacher
in differentiating and enriching
core grade-level concepts.

Grades K-5 students engage in mathematics curricula which reinforce the 8 Mathematical Practices.

Grades 6-8
The English/Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum is delivered by the GIS. In Math and Science,
general education math teachers provide accelerated lessons
within cluster groups of gifted students, with guidance from the GIS.

Grades 9-12
Honors level, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus courses
are provided by content-area instructors.


Todd Boggs

Director, Innovation in Teaching/Learning
Rena McClellan

Supervisor, Gifted Programs
Cathy Fischer

Gifted Intervention Specialists
Mary Darr
Amanda Wolf

Furry Elementary: Jennifer Yost
Meadowlawn Intermediate Jeremy Hiser
Briar Middle: Jeff Thom
Perkins High: Jeff Harbal

Board of Education
Jason Dulaney, President
Scott Hart, Vice President
Dr. Bradley Mitchel
Ted Kastor
Eric Lapata