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Greg Linkenbach-Buildings & Grounds Superintendent
Greg Linkenbach
Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor Greg Linkenbach is the leader behind the scenes at Perkins Local Schools.

While our excellent staff works hard to empower our students for success, Mr. Linkenbach works behind the scenes to make sure they are working in a safe and effective learning environment. His department is charged with the maintenance and care of our facilities, including everything from custodial duties to the upkeep of our classrooms and grounds to major permanent improvement projects.

The Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance team works closely with the Treasurer to ensure maintenance and repair dollars are spent effectively, arranging several quotes for each project. A formal bidding process kicks in for certain expenditures when the total estimated cost reaches certain thresholds (more information about that on our Bid Opportunities page).

Companies and vendors who would like to respond to future project needs should email Mr. Linkenbach. Please include your name, contact information, company name and description, a detailed description of the product or service offered, and any other pertinent details. Mr. Linkenbach will reach out with his thoughts and questions to firms that can fulfill district needs.