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Amy Stallard
Director, School Transportation


Katie Marquart
Transportation Secretary

Frequently Asked Questions

If I move during the school year, how do I change my child’s bus stop?
Contact your child’s school office or the Administrative Services Center for the required paperwork.  You will also be required to complete a new Transportation Request form. Transportation changes cannot be made until all other required paperwork has been submitted and approved.

If the bus is late arriving to school, will my child be marked tardy?
No. Students are not marked tardy if their school bus arrives late to the school I cannot see my child’s bus stop from my house.

Are there laws that set the standards for bus stop location?
No law requires a parent to see the bus stop from home. Students in Ohio may be assigned to a bus stop up to one half mile from their home, and we encourage parents to accompany their child to the bus stop whenever possible. This teaches the child safe habits of walking to and from the bus stop and may give the parent piece of mind. (OAC 3301-83-13)

Are sidewalks required for my child to get to his/her bus stop?
Many students walk alongside of roadways to reach their bus stop, and in some instances no sidewalks exist.

I make my child wait inside my house until the bus is at the stop. I have heard this is not allowed. Is this true?
Ohio law requires children to be waiting at the bus stop prior to its arrival. Bus drivers count the students at the bus stop before they load and as they get on the bus to ensure all children are safely on board. If students are not waiting at the bus stop, the bus driver cannot count them and cannot be certain that students are all safely on board. Waiting at the bus stop before the bus arrives further ensures that no one chases after the bus this is a very dangerous thing to do. In most cases, buses will not stop at a bus stop if there are no students waiting.

Lost & Found Items on the Bus

Students are sometimes embarrassed to claim what they have lost. Most drivers will try to find the owner, but if an item is not claimed the lost item will end up in the school's lost and found. Parents of elementary students will want to label their student's clothing (especially hats and gloves), bags, etc.
If a student has lost something on the school bus, you will first want to check with the bus driver. Next, check in the "lost and found" area at the school they attend. If they still cannot locate the lost item, contact Amy Stallard, Transportation Supervisor or Katie Marquart Transportation Secretary.