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Building Use Permit & Guidelines

The Perkins Local School District Board of Education encourages the community use of school premises. It is necessary, however, to ensure that such use does not interfere with the regular school purposes, impose undue burden upon personnel or strain the limited funds allotted for building services and maintenance; therefore, specific regulations have been established.

Failure to comply with these regulations, or failure to pay rental fees, will be grounds for denial of future requests for use of school premises. The renter will use only premises rented as indicated on the rental agreement and be restricted to those areas. 

Use of the facilities is limited to school-related clubs and organizations, and not for private party functions (ie birthday parties and wedding receptions). To use the facilities, the Facilities Use Form must be completed. Anyone using the facilities must also read and agree to the Board policy.

Building Use Permit Form

Conditions Governing Use of School Premises

  1. An employee of the Board must be on duty whenever a school building or school stadium is used by an organization or group.
  2. No building is used for any fundraising activity unless the proceeds are for approved charitable, educational, character building or other community welfare purposes.
  3. Out-of-school groups do not begin with their activities until school is dismissed in the afternoon and the students have left the building.
  4. On days when school is closed because of snow or other calamity, all activities scheduled for that date are canceled or postponed.
  5. Buildings are not used for recreation by outside groups on Sundays, school vacations or legal holidays unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent/designee.
  6. Building use is not permitted for private individuals or family affairs. Buildings are to be reserved for community group use only.
  7. No group will, under any circumstances, tamper with any electrical or heating controls.
  8. The kitchen is not used by any group unless arrangements are made to have one of the regular food service workers present.
  9. There is no smoking or alcohol consumption in the building.
  10. The Board reserves the right to require, if it should deem necessary, that groups using the building post a cash bond to cover any damages that might be done to any property, equipment or grounds.
  11. The procedure for use of the football stadium follows the conditions outlined for the use of the buildings. Special emphasis is given to providing sufficient law enforcement protection and adult supervision. Rental of athletic facilities does not include the use of school-owned athletic equipment, lockers, showers and dressing room facilities except as specifically provided in the permit.
  12. School-sponsored student groups must have an employee present at the activity. Non-school-sponsored student groups must have an employee present or an adult approved by the Superintendent.
  13. School facilities are not made available for dances expect when sponsored by the District or parent teacher organization.
  14. Groups that use school premises must possess liability insurance.
  15. Groups will strictly adhere to building and room occupancy limits.
  16. Fire lanes will not be blocked and parking will be in designated spots only; if required to control parking, the renter will provide for and be responsible for parking attendants.


An application is necessary when a group or organization not part of the District wants to use a school premises. An applicant must assure the Superintendent that the group/organization will comply with all regulations and respect the property, equipment and grounds of the school.

A sponsoring organization or group must indicate that it:

  1. intends to provide a program that promotes the welfare of the community and be for community purposes;
  2. guarantees orderly behavior;
  3. underwrites any damages due to its use of the premises;
  4. pays for the use of equipment, property or grounds at the established rates and
  5. possesses liability insurance.

Applications must be issued on a designated form. The following conditions are to be observed:

  1. Afternoon meetings must end by 6 p.m. and evening meetings by 10 p.m.
  2. Fees are assessed in accordance with a schedule adopted by the Board. The Board has the authority to waive fees as it deems appropriate.
  3. Permission must be obtained from the principal for the use and rearrangement of any school equipment or furniture. If such items are to be moved, they are moved by the using organization and replaced in the original location.
  4. Food may be served provided that care is taken to ensure that the area used is left as clean as it was before the meeting. Food cannot be served in the auditorium or the gymnasiums.
  5. Service from the custodial staff is to be limited to admitting the organization after its sponsor arrives, assisting the sponsor in an advisory capacity concerning the facilities to be used and closing up and properly securing the facilities when the organization has left.

Processing the Application

Application forms are available in the office of the Superintendent/designee. The application of a community group to use a school premises is filed with the Superintendent at least 30 days prior to the date of the proposed use.

After the application is cleared by the principal, it is sent back to the Superintendent/designee at least 10 days in advance of anticipated use. The Superintendent/designee arranges for special custodial or kitchen help. After checking for any type of District conflict on the composite calendar, the responsible school official notifies the applicant of the approval or disapproval of the request at least seven days in advance of the requested date of use.

School activities have preference in scheduling; permits granted to organizations may be canceled at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee, at least 48 hours notice is required in the event of cancellation.

Rental Group Categories
The fee schedule is structured on the basis of four separate groupings.
GROUP A – School groups participating in cocurricular activities
Examples: theatre, band, choral groups, interscholastic athletics, clubs, supervised recreation, booster groups, PTO, school-sponsored community education programs.

GROUP B – Nonprofit groups whose activities are student-related
Examples: youth sports, scouts, 4-H, community youth support groups

GROUP C – Broad interest, nonprofit community groups whose benefits go to charity, community projects, or schools
Examples: adult community, civic/service, churches, nonprofit community recreation programs, state athletic functions, youth groups utilizing a selection criteria.

GROUP D – Organized community groups, benefits going to the organization or individual
Examples: profit community, business/industry, recreational programs for adults, non-community business, private or parochial schools, political activities.

Building usage fees shall consist of a rental fee plus an employee labor fee (if required).

Use of Special Equipment

Arrangements for the use of special equipment such as projectors, pianos, public address systems, scoreboard controls or other equipment belonging to a school must be made with the Superintendent at the time application is filed. The use of kitchen equipment for food preparation and sanitizing of dishes, utensils and tableware requires the assignment of a food service worker.

School equipment must be carefully maintained, accounted for and properly used since it involves a considerable expenditure. It is a general policy not to loan school equipment to outside groups. An exception may be made if a staff member accompanies the group and operates the equipment and the request is approved by the Superintendent.