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The Pirate Way Rally 2023

Trust. Own. Connect. 


The Pirate Way
Perkins Local School District Defines Its Culture 


The Perkins Local School District will introduce The Pirate Way to all students, grades Kindergarten through 12, during the 2022-2023 school year. The Pirate Way is the school district’s cultural initiative that was established in the Perkins School’s Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Education in January 2020.

The Pirate Way is based on Focus 3, a mindset that encourages individuals to have positive attitudes and measured responses when confronted with adversity and difficult situations. The Pirate Way was introduced to Perkins Schools’ administration, teachers, and staff during the past two school years. 

What is The Pirate Way

At the heart of The Pirate Way is the R Factor that guides individuals toward positive behavior, how they make decisions, and the action they take. The R Factor is based on a simple equation: E+R=O. Spelled out, it means when you’re confronted with an Event, your Reaction determines the Outcome. The Pirate Way helps prepare people and set them up for success when they must react to an event, good or bad. 

Teachers and staff will introduce The Pirate Way to students with grade-appropriate lessons throughout the school year, beginning the first week of school. There will also be banners and posters, as well as other promotional materials, to help remind students – and everyone at Perkins Schools – of this positive frame of mind.

The Pirate Way Culture Playbook

The Pirate Way is centered on three key beliefs: Trust, Own, and Connect. With each of the beliefs, there are associated Behaviors and Outcomes that are expected. The Culture Playbook also links Perkins Schools’ culture and strategy.


The Pirate Way – Trust Own Connect


How Can Families Participate?

Although Perkins ‘ students will learn and discuss The Pirate Way during the school day, the lessons should extend into athletics, extracurricular activities, and on school buses and at all school events. The Pirate Way also should go home with students – and, ideally, practiced in homes and with family and friends. 

Parents and guardians: Please talk to your students about The Pirate Way. Ask them about Culture Playbook and The R Factor. Ask them what it means to “Press Pause” and to “Stay Above The Line.”

There are valuable lessons here, not only for Perkins students, teachers, staff, and administrators, but also for parents, siblings, and families. The Pirate Way is not complicated, but it might be challenging at times. And, in the end, The Pirate Way should make us all better people.


If parents and families have questions about The Pirate Way and how it will be introduced to students, please contact your student’s building principals or the Perkins Schools Administration.

Pirate Way slogan


  • Perkins Local Schools Administration, 419-625-0484
  • Perkins High School, 419-625-1252
  • Briar Middle School, 419-625-0132
  • Meadowlawn Intermediate School, 419-625-0214
  • Furry Elementary, 419-625-4352