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Public Records Requests

At Perkins Schools, we are committed to developing strong partnerships with our community through open, honest and transparent communication, and we are happy to help you with your request. All Public Records Requests are processed through our Treasurer’s Office.

What is a "public record"?

The public has a right to request access to “records that document the policies, operations and other activities of the [Perkins Schools]” (Ohio Attorney General). This does not include every document or item found in our office. Certain details are exempt due to privacy laws, such as student information, medical records, and materials protected under attorney-client privilege. Requests are also limited to records that already exist and that can be shared with a reasonable amount of time and resources. If the information you seek is not already compiled or recorded in a manner that can be reproduced, we may ask you to revise your request so we can return the information to you in a reasonable timeframe. If you need copies made, we also have the right to charge you for those copies at cost.

What is a "reasonable" timeframe for the district to comply with a request?

We ask for and appreciate patience when you make a public records request. Requests that are not overly broad or unwieldy are completed according to how long it takes to compile the information you seek and/or appropriately redact any private details to protect our students and employees.
Click here to email Perkins Treasurer Dan Bowman and make a public records request.  We ask that you use “Public Records Request” as your email subject line. Ask for the information you need in the body of your email and please be as specific as possible so we may facilitate your request in a timely manner.

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